I am a PhD candidate (supervised by Jakob Hohwy) in the Cognition and Philosophy Lab, Monash University. I conduct interdisciplinary research into a number of topics in the areas of philosophy, psychology and psychiatry. My primary research interest is anorexia nervosa. In part, how patients cognitive represent their own bodies: how their body representations becomes distorted and what this tells us about body representation cognition in general. I also propose a model for explaining how patients come to hold false beliefs about their own body size. Specifically, I argue that the proximal cause of such beliefs are particular false experiences of body size.

Beyond this, I keep busy with a number of side projects on subjects such as the sense of bodily ownership, mental representation (with Daniel Williams), delusions and psychiatric taxonomy (with Peter Clutton and Colin Klein) and belief formation (with Ben Tappin). For a list of the papers I’ve written on these and other topics, see my Publications page.